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Our fields of interest

Local and regional development, strategic planning and operational planning, technical and scientific support of Local Authorities of the first and second degree, entrepreneurship and business innovation, planning and implementation of strategies in culture, tourism and the environment, are, among other things, the main fields of our work.

About Us

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We operate methodically and professionally having at our disposal cutting-edge tools and state-of-the-art methods within an extensive network of partners.

Idimon Development Consultants is staffed by esteemed consultants of local & regional development and entrepreneurship, who are distinguished for their high academic qualifications and their extensive experience and expertise, while the company’s external partners share similar professional qualities and skills.

Our values

We commit to

  • Persolanised Services

We offer a personalised, custom-made approach to every contracted project based on the special needs, priorities, requirments of each clients alwarys in accordance with the rules of art and science.

  • Integrity

Trust is the foundation of our relationship with our partners and clients.

  • Effectiveness

We want the projects we implement to stand out for the result in a distinctive way.

  • Distinction

We want the projects we implement to stand out for their quality and accuracy.

  • Quality and real added value

WE place real added value through our services in innovative and competitive ways.

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