Our works speaks of us

Implementation of National and European Projects

Preparation and/or coordination and/or management and/or implementation of actions co-financed by European resources within the framework of transnational/cross-border/interregional Programs.

Expertise in the design, management, monitoring, control and evaluation of co-financed projects and multi-partner programs.

Expertise and experience regarding the financial management and implementation of transnational projects within the framework of the financing program

Significant experience in project management techniques and methods,

Know-how and experience in the mechanisms and processes of project management and coordination, as well as in the methods and tools of human resource management in similar projects,

Ensuring the quality of the Candidate Contractor’s services, by implementing internal reporting and control mechanisms,

Significant experience in publicity and dissemination activities,

Clear division of the project and the responsibility for the implementation of the deliverables of the Project based on the specialization and skills of the potential (individual specialization by subject and experience, with the aim of covering the respective sectors),

Knowledge of policies and practices promoting interregional cooperation

Knowledge of the policies of the Program Periods 2007-2013 & 2014-2020 and in particular regarding tourism, culture and cultural heritage.

Experience in matters related to the physical object of the project,

Expertise in collaborative network advisory support,

Utilization of corporate and executive experience in cooperation with the bodies of the Greek public sector and the management authorities of European programs

Defining and following specific information procedures and systematic monitoring of the progress of the project, in cooperation with the Contracting Authority,

Continuous support of the executives of the contracting authority at all levels of the Organizational Structure, as well as continuous cooperation,

Continuous, structured and organized transfer of know-how to the executives of the Contracting Authority.