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Welcome to Idimon

IDIMON Development Consultants was founded in 2000 as the culmination of a successful journey in the field of local government development consultants. Since then it has followed a completely successful path which is in its second decade, counting hundreds of completed projects and dozens of clients throughout the country, from the field of Local and Regional Self-Government, Decentralized Administration, their Businesses, business entities and society citizens, employers’ and professional associations, etc.

The company’s strongest asset is its members of staff, who are local & regional development and entrepreneurship consultants, distinguished for their high academic qualifications and their long experience and expertise, while the company’s external partners have the same characteristics. In particular, the main specialties of its human resources are regionalists, environmentalists, economists, spatial planning and regional development engineers, sociologists, while its external partners are, as a rule, working academics of different scientific fields.

The in-house staff together with the external collaborators constitute an integrated mechanism with the main characteristics of the interdisciplinary approach, technical and scientific competence and the necessary experience.

The company has privately owned facilities in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, whose ergonomics and existing equipment guarantee the high-level provision of efficient services.

Project Management

As technical advisors to dozens of project beneficiaries  (co-financed within the framework of T.E.P., P.E.P.) Territorial cooperation over the last 22 years, we have extensive experience and know-how in the entire range of project planning and management from the organization meetings and the monitoring of the implementation of the financial and physical object up to the certification of expenses and the comprehensive control of the individual procedures.

Proposal Preparation and Submission

Idimon Development Consultants has undertaken the design of many and complex projects in the context of related calls for co-financed programs, distinguished for their very high success rate in terms of the results of the evaluation procedures.

Networking and cooperation of partners

We decode the proposals, envision suitable projects and give flesh and bones to the ideas and goals of regional development proponents. We enable and build networking between partners and ensure the success of cooperation.

More than 22 years of experience

Constant and dynamic presence for over two decades in integrated regional development actions.






Territorial Cooperation Projects

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Quality Policy

Through our integrated services, we support our clients in the processes required in order to constantly adapt to changing market conditions. The number of projects we have implemented in all areas of business activity, the repeated collaborations with our customers, the knowledge and experience of our executives as well as the certification of our services according to the ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008 standard, are the driving force. continuous development of our operations and clientele.

  • Our constant pursuit is the effective offering of the added value that the clients are looking for in their consultant.
  • Value that stems from our human resources and corporate culture, is expressed by internal and external processes and is proven by the company's long-term and successful presence in the Greek market.